Celebrating 20 Years of Early Entrants to UBC

Photo of the University of British Columbia Campus, Home of the University Transition Program Since 1998.


University Transition Program

A Tri-Institutional Partnership
Vancouver School District, The University of British Columbia, and the BC Ministry of Education


The University of British Columbia


May 15-17, 2015


Program Graduates including Spouses and Children
Parents of Graduates and Extended Family Members
Current Students and Parents
Former Teachers, Coordinators and Administrators
Program Founders and Builders, Members of the Steering Committee
Institutional Partners and Visionary Headers


Cherishing the unique bonds shared by Graduates and their Classmates
Embracing all members of the Transition Community who contribute to success of Graduates
Creating a Network of Graduates and Transition Community Members to support on-going innovation and interdisciplinary future career pathways
Celebrating successes of Graduates and Transition Families
Building conversations around cutting-edge knowledge and future opportunities
Promoting global citizenship and environmental stewardship
Enhancing evolution of University Transition Program


In what ways might we use our strengths and abilities as a community of global citizens to influence positive change and preferred futures that support the diversity and wisdom of the global community?


To promote conversation, sharing of experiences, support mentoring and networking among members of the Transition Community and explore the potential of infrastructure to facilitate continued promotion of collaboration on initiatives, projects, and the pursuit of passions and goals beyond university studies to career pathways and society’s emergent needs.


Seminars related to topics of interest
Large group presentation featuring a range of successful graduates
Networking to share career pathways of graduates
Gala dinner honouring program graduates by Transition Community
Social events
“Welcome Back Grads” site at UTP developed by Transition students and graduates
Free access to Symposium sessions and Graduation Award Ceremony
Opportunities to participate and contribute as presenters, panel members, alternative voices at Symposium
Opportunity to showcase career pathways, special interests, creative productions, research, art, websites, social action and service