Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?
Interested students completing Grade 7, 8, or 9 are encouraged to attend an information meeting and decide whether the program matches their educational goals and needs, and submit application to the program thereafter.
Who should attend the information meetings?
Interested students and their parents will find the meeting helpful for their decision-making. Students as young as Grades 5 and 6 and their parents attend the information meeting to help them plan and prepare for a future application to the program.
When is the portfolio submitted?
Students will need to bring their portfolio to the second phase of the application process. The first phase is the one day assessment session. The second phase is the interview and program visit. Students are advised about their progress through to each phase of the application process.
How can students prepare for the one day large group assessment?
Students are advised to get a good night's rest, have a good breakfast, and bring a positive attitude to the challenges of the day. Students should bring pens/pencils/eraser as well as lunch including beverage and snacks. Students should also bring a book to read in case there is some wait time during the day. The assessments are related to knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Reading and Writing as well as some problem solving skills. There is no material to study for these tests. Teachers who mark the work of the students are interesting in learning more about how the students think and their communication about their thinking.
Can students reapply for the program?
Yes, we accept applications beginning in Grade 7 and students who choose not to accept the invitation to enroll or who are not accepted in the year of their application, can reapply the following year.